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Many great reasons to gift your business partners!

When searching for high quality gift boxes and gift baskets for your business needs, you have come to the right place. Whether you are in need of corporate gifts for the holidays or a gift celebrating the closing of a deal, our gifts and gift baskets are perfect for any business purpose.

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We deliver your corporate gifts to almost all ountries in the European Union, as well as to Switzerland & Liechtenstein.

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Discounts - VAT - Card Service


Your volume discount will show up in your shopping cart:

500 - 750 Euro
750 - 1500 Euro
1500 - 3000 Euro
3000 - 5000 Euro
5000 - 10000 Euro
from 10000 Euro

12 %

Greeting cards

  • Free standard gift card (DIN A4 on white greeting card service
    background -> picture on the right)

  • Additional card options for Euro 1,20 incl. German VAT (19%) (VAT may differ depending to the country we ship this card to) to choose from our website (we don't print on them, they will be added to your free standard letter.

  • We can print your regular company letters (DIN A4) (white background) and add to your gifts (we don't print cards or on cards and we don't cut letters to card size).

  • NO additional cost when all cards or letters are exactly the same.

  • We charge Euro 2,00 incl. VAT per card if names are specified on cards or letters.

VAT extemption

Companies may receive an invoice excluding VAT, providing all of the following conditions are met:

  • Company placing the gift order must be from an EU country other than Germany

  • Company placing the gift order must have all gift deliveries sent to locations within EU countries other than Germany

  • Company placing the gift order must have a valid VAT number

If all of the above conditions are met, please provide us with the following:

  • Valid company VAT number

  • Full, legal company address

  • Legal structure of the company (ex: Ltd., BV etc.)

Only after we validate the information provided with the federal tax office, can we issue a VAT-free invoice. Please ensure all information sent is correct to expedite this process.

Orders made in our shop will be checked automatically and if correct your VAT free invoice will be ready at once.

Greeting cards in your bulk order form

To choose one of our cards to your gifts please follow this instruction:

bulk order how to order cards

Greeting Cards

Individual gift requests

At Gift Baskets Europe, we understand the significance of thoughtful gifts for your valued clients, partners, and employees. However, we regret to inform our corporate customers that it is now too late to order individual gift baskets or gift boxes. Despite our best efforts to provide you with a seamless gifting experience, we are currently facing challenges within the industry that impact our ability to ensure timely and full-quantity deliveries.

Why It's Too Late for Individual Gift Baskets:

1. Industry Supply Chain Challenges:
The gift industry, including our trusted suppliers, is currently grappling with supply chain challenges that have disrupted the production and distribution of gift items. These challenges have had a cascading effect on the availability of products for us.

2. Bottlenecks in Productions:
Bottlenecks in the production process have caused delays in getting our hands on the materials needed to create the beautiful gift baskets and boxes you've come to expect from us.

3. Global Raw Material Availability:
The availability of raw materials on the world market has become uncertain, impacting our ability to source high-quality products for your gifts.

4. Transport Sector Delays:
The transportation sector is facing significant disruptions, further contributing to delayed deliveries. These delays are beyond our control but affect our ability to deliver gifts in a timely manner.

What This Means for You:
Given these challenges, ordering products now for individual gifts would be cutting it too close to ensure delivery in time. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch gifts that leave a lasting impression, and we don't want to compromise on the quality or timely delivery of your gifts.

We apologize for any inconvenience these industry challenges may have caused and appreciate your understanding and continued support. Please reach out to our dedicated corporate gifting team for assistance in finding the best solution for your specific needs.

Your partner for Corporate Gifts to Europe

We are here to help you

  • Choose the right corporate gift for the right occasion

  • Assist in finding gift baskets to meet your budget

  • Complete your bulk order form

Your benefits

  • Free greeting card service

  • Short delivery times in Europe as we ship from Germany

  • Low delivery fees for Europe

  • Easy online ordering process

  • Easy payment options

  • Our expertise with almost 20 years experience

Made in Germany - we produce and ship your gifts

We have been sending corporate gifts throughout Europe since 2002. Our corporate gifts are high quality gifts including wine, champagne, chocolate, snacks and gourmet food from Europe and around the world. All gifts and gift baskets you find on our website are created by us, designed with love and made with care.

Located in Germany, we are able to provide fast delivery with low shipping costs to most EU countries and Switzerland. We make sure your gift baskets, hampers and gift boxes arrive in perfect condition!

Delivery Time for Europe

Orders will be shipped the same or the next day or around your requested delivery date. If you have questions please contact our sales team.

Shipping times and costs can be checked in the product details.

Parcel Tracker

Once your order is shipped, we make it easy for you to track all your parcels. You will receive your login with your order confirmation.

Track here!

Christmas Gift Baskets for Partners and Customers

closed for vacation Browse through our

Christmas Gift Baskets

, there you will find our new Christmas hampers for corporate clients, as well as exclusive Christmas gift baskets those who need an exceptional treat. Of course, we also supply private customers. Please make sure you order in time to reserve the desired Christmas gift, as some of our most popular gifts may be sold out closer to Christmas. You may order early and provide us with your desired delivery date, as you are given this option when we ask for the delivery address. We will make sure to ship your present in time.

→ Choice of Delivery Date ←

Sending Christmas Gifts to corporations, please consider that they might be closed for the Holidays, often days before Christmas, so it is necessary to ship in advance of these closures. A great option to avoid this is to consider sending gifts for New Years instead of Christmas. We have a lot of corporate clients who do this with great success. We think this is a nice option for a couple of reasons. First, your gifts won't arrive with all the other Christmas Gifts, second, some do not celebrate Christmas and third, your clients may take an extended vacation during the Christmas weeks, which is common for Europeans.