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VergrößernPlush SHEEP Gift  Send Gifts to Europe


Plush Toy
Art. No_406

€ 18,90


EASTER GIFT BASKETS & hopping Gifts for Europe ;)

Easter Gift Baskets

Celebrating Easter with one of our Easter Gift Baskets is mandatory if you can't be there yourself. Oder your Easter Gifts in time so they arrive before Easter Sunday. In Europe we can't deliver on Sundays.

Easter Gifts

Filled with chocolate and other sweets Gift Baskets are a very traditional way to gift people at this special time of the year. Speaking of time, Easter dates are here:
2018 - April 1st
2019 - April 21st
2012 - April 12th

Send Easter Gifts to Europe

We are located in Germany, in the South of Germany town Ravensburg. From here we ship all your Easter presents across Europe. We have the best location to send gifts to Europe which results in low shipping fees and short delivery times. Our standard shipper is UPS, for some Islands we use DHL. We send your Easter gifts to Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and to the rest of the European Union. We also include a non EU country to our shipping list which is Switzerland. All other non-EU countries are very expensive to ship to, customs open our gifts and do not put the items back where they where, plus delivery time is unpredictable. This is why we choose not to ship there at the moment. If there will be a change, we will adjust of course.