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PARIS Gift Basket France

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If anyone in Europe knows about food, it is the French. This Gourmet Gift Basket France, called Paris, includes some of the finest foods from France and a lovely Rose wine. We deliver to France, Germany, the UK and the rest of Europe

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Gift Baskets France PARIS

  • PARIS Gift Basket France
    High Value Keep Sake Box
    Our exclusive, tasteful and very high quality keep sake box in black linen look. Deep slip lid. This box is a real added value. Without advertising impression, designed for re-use.
    Dimensions- ca. 36 x 27.5 x 11.5 cm
    Decoration as shown on picture.

  • PARIS Gift Basket France
    0,75 l Vin de Pays Grenache Rose Domaine La Colombette
    Bright shining rose, fresh and fruity typical of the variety bouquet , full-bodied on the palate and soft. This wine goes well with all summer salads and grilled food.
    11,5% alc., 100% Grenache

  • PARIS Gift Basket France
    100 g thin Breton Galette
    Very nice shortbread from the traditional manufacturer Jacques Menou, France

  • PARIS Gift Basket France
    220 g Taboule Couscous Salad - The Original from Jean Martin
    Jean Martin - Our range is like a big family because our objective has always been the same. First of all producing products that we do like, that we enjoy making, then telling people about how much we like them and are proud of selling them, all of that in the hope that our customers get as much pleasure preparing and eating them as we have making them.
    Caring for our environment and our heritage, being consistent in our choice of products and ingredients, and being faithful to who we are in the way we market ourselves is key. We aim at combining quality with harmony, so that our efforts are seen, understood and appreciated.
    In 2008 we planted the biggest organic olive grove in France and in the -AOC Provence- region, in partnership with a local producer. Our objective has always been to source top quality ingredients as close to home as possible.

  • PARIS Gift Basket France
    220 g Confit dOnion, France
    On toast with terrines or red cold meat, to salad or cold antipasti plates, even sauces.

  • PARIS Gift Basket France
    90 g Tapenade, black olives
    Tapenade is a provencal dish consisting of pureed or finely chopped olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil. Its name comes from the Provencal word for capers, tapenas. It is a popular food in the south of France, where it is generally eaten as an hors d œuvre, spread on bread.

  • PARIS Gift Basket France
    100 g French Mustard with Tarragon
    The mustard production has a centuries-old tradition in Europe and especially in France. The small, relatively mild, nutty mustard seeds develop their sharpness only when milling with the addition of liquid. Depending on the length of storage time of the mustard remains sharp or mild. Finished with spices such as green pepper or herbs (tarragon, parsley and chives) Mustard is so varied that it would be a shame to eat it only for sausage.

  • PARIS Gift Basket France
    250 g Chocolate Truffles Fantaisie Paris Tour Eiffel, France
    Chocolate truffles are some of the most beloved of all treats. And when you think of the exquisite treat of chocolate truffles, the name that should immediately come to mind is Guyaux Chocolatier. Guyaux is known the world over for their delectable confectionary treats, yet they maintain their handcrafted charm. Beloved all over the world, Guyaux chocolates are some of the finest examples of European confections at their best. If you are a chocolate lover who has not yet experienced the joy that is Guyaux, you really should taste one of their truffles as soon as possible. You will never want to go back to anything else!

  • PARIS Gift Basket France
    65 g Game Terrine, France
    This small but very lucious French delicacy works very nice with bread and as appetizer.

  • PARIS Gift Basket France
    50 g Herbes de Provence, France
    This bag is a typical packaging of herbes de Provence in France. It contains a range of herbs from the South of France - very important for the traditional French cuisine.

The Gift Basket France Paris will be delivered to France of course but also to Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and to the rest of beautiful Europe incl. the EU and Switzerland. In case you want to add more wine, choose some of our additional gifts by clicking on the folder on this page and choose what you want!

Our gift basket Paris consists of French delicatessen which is evident in the taste! A pearlescent Rose which is slowly climbing the ranks of one of the French favourites, along with the French delicacies that are still unknown gems in the culinary world. That is why this gift basket is guaranteed to be a delicious surprise for any recipient of this gift, especially if they are fans of French cuisine.

The taboule has proven itself to be a classic favourite French speciality, just like the olive tapenade and onion confit – all are highly recommended with a well-rounded French cheese – cheese will never be the same again!

Naturally, we have added the famous French chocolate truffles. This gift hamper can be enjoyed by a team or a single person. It is ideal for 3-4 people, or if you would like the recipient to indulge – feast on it all by themselves! This gift hamper is perfect if you are unsure of what the perfect gift should be – it is so unique – guaranteed to be a hit!

Chocolate will be replaced with cookies in Summer.

Decorations are not part of delivery. Read the description for full details on content.

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