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What a charming Tapas gift box! Spanish red wine, Serrano ham, sausage, dry-cured prosciutto, olives and cheese. All this with the tapas wooden board is the perfect starter kit to enjoy delicious Basque cuisine from Spain.

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GIFT BASKET SPAIN Spanish Gourmet & Wine

  • GIFT BASKET SPAIN | Spanish Gourmet Gift
    High Value Keep Sake Box
    Our exclusive, tasteful and very high quality keep sake box in black linen look. Deep slip lid. This box is a real added value. Without advertising impression, designed for re-use.
    Dimensions- ca. 36 x 27.5 x 11.5 cm
    Decoration as shown on picture.

  • GIFT BASKET SPAIN | Spanish Gourmet Gift
    750 ml Casa Solar Tempranillo tinto Barrica 3, Red Wine, Spain
    A fantastic Rioja wine that shows plenty of red fruit flavors and notes of oaky richness.

    Although the 21st century has heralded modernization and automation in the winemaking process, the mission of the Familia Martínez-Bujanda has always remained true to the original intent of Joaquin Martinez-Bujanda from over a century ago – control of the vineyard is essential to making complex wines. Each generation has sought to best utilize each location, taking into account the altitude, microclimate, soil and the characteristics unique to each terroir, with the intention of creating wines that capture its essence. They continue to nourish the vineyards with organic matter and employ modern and traditional winemaking techniques to produce the best quality wine possible from each parcel. Vina Bujandas goal is to produce fresh, versatile, innovative wines of high quality and exceptional value

    Description- 100% Tempranillo, aged in Barriques for 3 months
    13% Alk.

  • GIFT BASKET SPAIN | Spanish Gourmet Gift
    60 g Serrano Ham
    very thinly sliced dry-cured Prosciutto
    typically spanish

  • GIFT BASKET SPAIN | Spanish Gourmet Gift
    1 Tapas bamboo boards
    trendy lettering on the front, usable on both sides
    Board size - 23 x 9 cm
    oil before first use, not dishwasher safe

  • GIFT BASKET SPAIN | Spanish Gourmet Gift
    125 g Creamy Cheese Spread
    Creamy cheese spread for
    your bread or use as dip

  • GIFT BASKET SPAIN | Spanish Gourmet Gift
    175 g Salty Biscuits
    They work great for any spreads
    or taste great with wine
    and beer alike

  • GIFT BASKET SPAIN | Spanish Gourmet Gift
    125 g Breadsticks
    Ideal for dipping

  • GIFT BASKET SPAIN | Spanish Gourmet Gift
    100 g Spicy Dry Sausage
    Premier quality dried sausage sticks
    you will love them

  • GIFT BASKET SPAIN | Spanish Gourmet Gift
    100 g Pepper Spread
    This pepper spread is always right!
    Fruity, fresh and delicious.

  • GIFT BASKET SPAIN | Spanish Gourmet Gift
    300 ml g Manzanlilla Olives, green with almonds
    In Spain stuffed olives belong to the most famous tapas preparations. These olives with their various fillings work for many occasion for an aperitif, with tapas, for snacking or cooking, there is nothing like a fleshy, juicy and stuffed olive from Spain.

  • GIFT BASKET SPAIN | Spanish Gourmet Gift
    100 g Pane Rustico
    Toasted Bread
    works great with the serano ham and sausages

Basque people in their old region of Spain enjoy this type of cuisine all year round, but why not send this huge tapas selection to your favorite employee, your favorite in-law, or send to impress your next visiting corporate guest. Not to mention the ease with which these tapas will disappear, but this is a sure fire way to amaze and delight with so many varieties of dry-cured meats and spreads to share. We are especially excited to introduce the fine cut Serano ham, which is so typically shared in this Spanish region.

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