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Unique BABY DIAPER CAKES for Europe | Boys & Girls

VergrößernBaby Gifts Europe DIAPER CAKE BLUE for LITTLE BOYS


for boys
Art. No_667

€ 159,90


VergrößernDiaper Cake DONKEY Baby Gifts for Boys and Girls

DONKEY Diaper Cake

For all ages
Art. No_638

€ 115,00


VergrößernBaby NEUTRAL DIAPER CAKE Gfits for Europe


Ages 0-3 monts
Art. No_648

€ 132,80


VergrößernDiaper Cake SHEEP We send your Baby gifts to Europe

SHEEP Diaper Cake

For Newborns
Art. No_614


€ 119,00


VergrößernDiaper Cake WOW Gifts for Baby Boys send to Europe

WOW Diaper Cake for Baby Boys

For Newborns
Art. No_625b


€ 149,00


VergrößernDiaper Cake WOW Gifts for Baby Girls send to Europe

WOW Diaper Cake for Baby Girls

For Newborns
Art. No_625g


€ 149,00


Baby Diaper Cakes

We are very proud of our unique Diaper Cakes of all kinds or also called Nappy Cakes. They don't come cheap as they are handmade and made with high quality products. It takes a lot of time to build one up and knowledge and experience to make it look good is essential, even after shipping! and it takes dedication to make such beautiful and unique designs. The ladies handcrafting our diaper cakes really love their job. You can see that in each single diaper cake.

Send Diaper Cakes to Europe

So you liked one but you are not living in Europe. Too bad. We ship within the European Union as well as to Switzerland. So we ship to Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Poland, to the Netherlands and more. Our European Delivery Service is here to help you! We are located in the South of Germany, actually the stratigic best place to ship your diaper cakes across Europe. Many closed by neighbours lead to low shipping costs and fast delivery.

Baby Shower Cakes

In non English speaking countries in Europe Baby Showers aren't very common. As a matter of fact, if you send Baby gifts BEFORE the Baby is born it is a sign of "Bad Luck". Think twice if you probably want to wait until the Baby is born. Instead wait for the good news and send a baby gift once it has arrived, this way you also know if it is boy or a girl, which will help you to choose the perfect baby shower cake.