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Women's Friendship Day on September 18th

13 September 16

What a nice reason to celebrate! It’s time for a leisurely girls night with wine or Prosecco. How lucky we are to have each other, and do not even need a special occasion to meet your best friends around town.

But what to do if the friend lives away a few hours drive, or even flight hours away? Unfortunately, I know this problem all too well! What remains is, Skype, phone or social media. One might have the best intentions on sending a hand-written note, because honestly, who likes to write letters. International calls are expensive, too!

Having a best friend is like icing on the cake – it just tastes better.

The saying: “Men come and go, but the best friend remains forever.” is no accident.

So, give your best friend on this special day something small. A special little delight is always well received!

Best wishes




Men Gifts Journey Part 2

11 März 16

It was moving. I saw men who literally observed their women only to buy them whatever they wanted. Then I saw men who where totally lost between designer handbags and endless rows of perfumes.
But that wasn’t my intention. I wanted to find out what men want to be given and not HOW men choose their gifts.
Online research about this matter brought on new questions. A Borat-Bikini or Star Wars Slippers or even a wireless monitoring system?? Rather not – we won’t bring on any ideas, won’t we ;)

The Easy Case
Knowing the man it isn’t that hard. Most men have hobbys. They are musicians or at least like some kind of music, some do sports, love their Harley or enjoy good wine. The adore their cars/or dogs or collect some cool stuff. He is a disassembling kind of guy? All winners!
Also the reason why I couldn’t find any men I could observe. Hobby gifts require special stores. Music stores, sport stores, wine stores or like nowadays lots of people buy online.

The Unknown Man
But what do you do when you don’t know the man well or at all. Happens more often than we wished it would. The invitation of a collegue, the milestone Birthday of a relative you only meet once in a decade or a employee at another branch. Esp. the one who is really nice over the phone but you have never met in person ..

The Man who has it all
Another difficult one is the man that has everything. You can’t present him another barbecue tong for his awesome garden grill. You also don’t want to give him a imprinted coffee cup – as funny as it might be! You find this kind of man within your friends and your family. It doesn’t help that you know about his hobbies because he is the proud owner of a full collection of high quality tools that he bought himself. A species who also belongs to the Man who has it all is

The Sock Man
Could have called him „The Tie Man“ as well. His phrase “Just buy me some socks.” Woe betide you.

The “Nothing” Man
My dad was one of those. Of course it is not true that they don’t want a gift. What the really want is attention. A small token of appreciation is the best idea otherwise they would feel embarrassed. In my father’s case it was nice evening out with the family that made him happy. So it wasn’t nothing. Find out what really matters to them and you’ll get to see the most happy face.

So now?
It is doable. But we need some thoughts and some time to research plus your itnuition. You do not have any clue, visit our gifting suggestions for men.
For him it is worthwhile in any case but also for you to show him your gratitude, attention or even love with a well thought gift. Men can show happyness like little children – that makes all the effort 1000 x up for it.





Men Gifts Journey Part 1

12 Februar 16

Today I started the experiment entering the world of men gifts. It’s not my first time. For years we develop gifts that are tailored to men.

But the truth is: we are women – what do we know!

Therefore, the next days and weeks I’ll go to several discreet observation posts in my city to spy the male buying behavior.

Wish me luck!