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APRICOT HEAVEN ❤ with Austrian apricot liqueur and French cheese creperolles and more treats.

Perfect gift for women.

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APRICOT HEAVEN great gift for Women

  • Gift Box, black
    Beautiful high quality gift box. Italian design with interesting surface
    340 x 180 x 95 mm

    Decoration as shown on picture.

  • 500 ml Apricot liqueur, 16% alc.
    Sweet, smooth, perfect balanced licquer from Austria

  • APRICOT HEAVEN | Gifts for Women
    100 g Creperolles with Cheese, France
    A -Must have-! Creperolles are French cocktail snacks that will not last through the first drink. A specialty of Brittany, France, it s a delicate and buttery paper-thin flaky mini crepes filled with a variety of different savoury cheeses, including Cheddar, Roquefort, Comte/Walnut, Bacon, Tomatoe and Gouda

  • APRICOT HEAVEN | Gifts for Women
    150 g Peach Passion Fruit almonds in fine cream with yogurt flavor
    A mixture of almonds coated with peach yogurt cream
    and coated with passionfruit yoghurt cream.

  • APRICOT HEAVEN | Gifts for Women
    160 g White chocolate balls with eggnog filling
    Deliciously filled sweets filled with eggnog and wrapped with white chocolate

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