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GOLDEN TIMES | Gift Hamper Wine and Kir Royal

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Send a gift of excess!

This gift hamper is filled with a delicious Chianti, Belgium pralines, Christmas cookies, chocolates and more.

No gift is better for showing your appreciation than this elegant spread of decadent treats!

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  • GOLDEN TIMES | Gift Hamper Wine and Kir Royal
    High Value Keep Sake Box
    Our exclusive, tasteful and very high quality keep sake box in black linen look. Deep slip lid. This box is a real added value. Without advertising impression, designed for re-use.
    Dimensions- ca. 36 x 27.5 x 11.5 cm
    Decoration as shown on picture.

  • GOLDEN TIMES | Gift Hamper Wine and Kir Royal
    750 ml Chianti Riserva DOCG, Torre Terza XV Sec , Italy
    Sensational, smooth, fruity and dry Chianti Riserva.
    contains- Alicante (5%), Sangiovese (85%), Canaiolo (10%)
    Region- Chianti Riserva DOCG
    Alcohol 13% Alk.

    Chianti Riserva is a great candidate for additional bottle aging.? In the beautiful olive and cypress-studded countryside between Florence and Siena lay the quaint hilltop villages of the Chianti Classico region. The wine of the same name is produced exclusively in this charming and beautiful area. Grapes are sourced from vineyards planted to a minimum of 80% Sangiovese and a maximum of 20% of Canaiolo and other red grape varieties. Ageing takes place in oak barrels of various sizes and origins for one year or more, the wine is then briefly transferred back into stainless steel tanks before bottling, after which the wine is aged in temperature controlled cellars for at least 3 months before release.

  • GOLDEN TIMES | Gift Hamper Wine and Kir Royal
    198 g Emoti La Flambee, mixed Pralines
    A varied collection of milk chocolate, bitter and white chocolate,
    - filled with ganache cream with fresh arabic coffee
    - coffee mousse with a layer of bitter chocolate with hazelnuts
    - fine truffle filling
    - ganache with caramelised cocoa husk
    - caramel filling and a layer of white chocolate with crispy caramel and almond pieces
    - a truffle layer and a fine caramel filling.

    In bitter chocolate at least 56%, in milk chocolate at least 30.2%, in white chocolate at least 26.7%. Milk dried: at least 23.6% milk chocolate, 23.8% white chocolate.

  • GOLDEN TIMES | Gift Hamper Wine and Kir Royal
    170 g FUDGE
    Creamy fudge is a delicious candy
    The caramel candy is a soft caramel.

  • 20 g Black Tea in a lovely Box
    10 Fairtrade Tea Bags

  • GOLDEN TIMES | Gift Hamper Wine and Kir Royal
    150 g Creamy Cheese Spread
    Creamy cheese spread for your bread or use as dip

  • GOLDEN TIMES | Gift Hamper Wine and Kir Royal
    80 g Crunchy Chocolate bar
    Delicious milk chocolate with crispy
    Once tried, you won't want to miss it again!

  • GOLDEN TIMES | Gift Hamper Wine and Kir Royal
    80 g Chocolate bar Berries Hazelnut
    You will love this delicious combination!
    Small pieces of hazelnut with berries

  • GOLDEN TIMES | Gift Hamper Wine and Kir Royal
    60 g Cheese Biscuits with Gouda
    Suitable for cheese or just for snacking
    Tip - enjoy the cheese biscuits with red wine

  • GOLDEN TIMES | Gift Hamper Wine and Kir Royal
    195 g Star shaped Cookies
    Christmas sugar cookies, dipped into milk chocolate
    with sugar sprinkles

  • GOLDEN TIMES | Gift Hamper Wine and Kir Royal
    3 x 40 g Rocky Christmas Bar
    Tasty biscuit cake with milk chocolate, biscuit pieces,
    Marshmallows and dark chocolate

A gift basket that has real WOW-factor to anyone who is lucky enough to receive this gift of pure gold luxury! We really do our due diligence when pairing together the best Europe has to offer in way of Christmas and seasonal sweets and treats for our most savvy customers.

The hamper is so packed full – to include a great Chianti from Italy, pralines from Belgian, Christmas cookies for the young at heart, and even different chocolates to round out a perfect package.

A great way to say Thank you for hard work this fiscal year for your favorite corporate partners and top performers.

Decorations are not part of delivery. Read the description for full details on content.

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