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A CHOCOLATE A DAY | Wine & Chocolate

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A chocolate a day - accompanied by a beautiful Spanish red wine, nothing but pure joy. A gift basket for gift delivery in Europe.

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A CHOCOLATE A DAY Red Wine & Chocolate Truffles

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away… Well, how about chocolate? And wine? We are pretty certain that this Gift with chocolate and wine is good enough to bribe any person with a taste for wine and a sweet tooth!

Packaged inside a beautiful golden box with a textured surface, the recipient of this gift will certainly be over the moon with what treasures they find inside. The smooth Tempranillo from Spain along with chocolate truffles from Belgium and Italian pralines are sure to beat any advent calendar!

We are able to ship to countries in Europe such as Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France and many more!

  • A CHOCOLATE A DAY | Wine & Chocolate
    Gift Box, golden
    Beautiful high quality gift box. Italian design with interesting surface
    340 x 180 x 90 mm
    Decoration as shown on picture.

  • A CHOCOLATE A DAY | Wine & Chocolate
    750 ml Candidato Tempranillo tinto Barrica 6, Red Wine, Spain
    This typical Tempranillo is a surprising little treat. Silky and nicely textured with lots of cherry and a touch of vanilla.

    Although the 21st century has heralded modernization and automation in the winemaking process, the mission of the Familia Martínez-Bujanda has always remained true to the original intent of Joaquin Martinez-Bujanda from over a century ago – control of the vineyard is essential to making complex wines. Each generation has sought to best utilize each location, taking into account the altitude, microclimate, soil and the characteristics unique to each terroir, with the intention of creating wines that capture its essence. They continue to nourish the vineyards with organic matter and employ modern and traditional winemaking techniques to produce the best quality wine possible from each parcel. Vina Bujandas goal is to produce fresh, versatile, innovative wines of high quality and exceptional value

    Description- 100% Tempranillo, aged in Barriques for 6 months
    13% Alk.

  • A CHOCOLATE A DAY | Wine & Chocolate
    150 g Chocolate Truffles, golden from Belgium
    Very nice milk chocolate truffles, creme filling and covered with cocoa. You will love them!

  • A CHOCOLATE A DAY | Wine & Chocolate
    125 g Pralines with Hazelnuts
    Delicious Pralines with hazelnut creme filling.
    Single wrapped, they wont last for very long. Extremly yummy.

  • A CHOCOLATE A DAY | Wine & Chocolate
    125 g Pralines with Cappuccino
    Delicious Pralines with cappuccino creme filling. Single wrapped, they won t last for very long. Extremely yummy.

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