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EUROPEAN ELEGANCE | Luxury Gift Basket

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The European Elegance Gift Basket with Taittinger Champagne is a remarkable gift Basket for your overseas gift giving needs in Europe.

Champagne, organic wine along with delicious snacks.

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Gift Baskets EUROPEAN ELEGANCE with Taittinger Champagne

  • EUROPEAN ELEGANCE | Luxury Gift Basket
    Wicker Hamper, antique wash finish
    Beautiful hamper, great to keep and a memento to remember you for a very long time. Handles are cream faux leather
    Size ca. 370 x 250 x 230 mm

  • EUROPEAN ELEGANCE | Luxury Gift Basket
    750 ml Taittinger Brut Reserve Champagne
    Brut Reserve Taittinger is one of the last great Champagne Houses to remain independent and is owned and actively managed by the family named on the label. The family are guardians of Taittingers style quality and integrity. The hallmark of their fine Champagnes is the high proportion of Chardonnay used in their winemaking which is key, in the Champagne region, for producing wines of great elegance and finesse. Additionally, with its vineyard ownership of 288 ha (one of the largest in Champagne), Taittinger can guarantee a flawless signature, and wines heralded worldwide for their consistent quality. Our signature cuvee, Taittinger Brut Reserve, is assembled from more than 35 crus and incorporates 40% Chardonnay - this high level is seldom offered in a non-vintage Champagne. Distinguished by a delicate nose marked by subtle brioche notes, it has a palate of considerable depth and balance with hints of honey and fresh fruit with a long, fresh finish.

  • EUROPEAN ELEGANCE | Luxury Gift Basket
    750 ml Tre Piume Rosso IGT Organic Wine Fasoli
    A soft and fresh, fruity and fragnant organic red wine. Flattering on the palate with delicate, yet still beautiful tannins - a lovely Italian wine!

    Works with pizza, pasta, antipasti, or just like that. Grapes from controlled organic cultivation.

  • EUROPEAN ELEGANCE | Luxury Gift Basket
    120 g Victor Vanille
    Victor is a big friend of vanilla. Thats why he often bakes with it. His biscuits with lots of butter and vanilla are pure delight. They smell incredibly good.
    Vanilla biscuits, gluten-free, organic

  • EUROPEAN ELEGANCE | Luxury Gift Basket
    120 g Charlotte Chocolat
    Charlotte likes chocolate. That's why she likes to bake gluten-free
    Chocolate cookie.
    She enriched them with hazelnuts and fleur de sel.

  • EUROPEAN ELEGANCE | Luxury Gift Basket
    75 g Wild Organic Pekans
    These special nuts are of US origin of ancient, wild-grown trees. Some of the trees are 300 years old. Special feature of these wild species is not only their exceptional aromatic taste but also that the cores are much smaller than for plantation breeding. Savage pecans surprise by their friendly, small size. The taste is very fragrant, they are particularly versatile.

  • EUROPEAN ELEGANCE | Luxury Gift Basket
    100 g Premium Organic Brazil Nuts
    Brazil nuts grow exclusively in the rain forest of South America. Their delectable flavour and wide range of nutrients has made them popular worldwide
    Country of origin- Peru
    Organic label DE-ÖKO-005

  • EUROPEAN ELEGANCE | Luxury Gift Basket
    150 g salted Almonds
    salted sliced almonds

  • EUROPEAN ELEGANCE | Luxury Gift Basket
    200 g Black Pepper Peanuts
    Delicious Black Pepper peanuts,
    always a sure hit

  • EUROPEAN ELEGANCE | Luxury Gift Basket
    75 g Butter Waffles with Pesto and Parmesan
    delicious butter waffles from the Netherlands
    with delicious pesto and Parmesan

  • EUROPEAN ELEGANCE | Luxury Gift Basket
    125 g Snyders Pretzels Honey Mustard und Onion
    Honey Mustard and Onion Pieces are chunks of our Sourdough Hard Pretzels, bursting with gourmet seasonings makes the perfect snack

One thing the Europeans have down to a fine art is confectionary, small snack and wine. Packaged in a beautifully crafted gift wicker basket, the recipient will find only the finest in Taittinger Champagne and Organic Red Wine. To complement the refreshments, we have added organic premium pecan nuts amongst other delicious treats.

The elegance and premium quality of this gift basket will definitely set the bar, as the recipients indulge in the luxury and craft of European products. We ship to European countries such as Belgium, Germany, France, Sweden, Great Britain, Austria and many more!

Decorations are not part of delivery. Read the description for full details on content.

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