BIRTHDAY TREASURE BOX | Birthday Gift for Europe

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Wooden box with Asbach brand, deli cookies and crunchy chocolats.

Decorated as shown here this gift makes a perfect Birthday gift for someone in Europe.

Please note, we replace the Crunchy Crisps in Summer with another product of higher value.

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BIRTHDAY TREASURE BOX lovely Birthday gift for delivery in Europe

  • BIRTHDAY TREASURE BOX | Birthday Gift for Europe
    Wooden Treasure Box
    Brown stained wooden box with hinged lid and closure
    a great added value, this wood casket will be pleased to reused.
    Decoration as shown

  • BIRTHDAY TREASURE BOX | Birthday Gift for Europe
    350 ml Asbach Urbrand
    ...was the very first of Hugo Asbachs creations. In 1892 he produced this masterpiece of the high distillers art - a full-bodied brand with 40% ABV, a wonderful bouquet, a unique aroma and an unmistakable taste that all made it an instant success.

    Colour- amber with hint of copper
    Nose- vanilla flower with hint of cocoa and fine wood
    Palate- a first rather dry taste of dried fruit is followed by a sublte light sweetness, an palatable pepperiness accompanied by restrained chocolate and coffee notes.
    Finish- subtle notes of oakwood, warming

  • BIRTHDAY TREASURE BOX | Birthday Gift for Europe
    300 g Deli Cookies Praline
    Give in the temptation of praline with fewer calories! The sugar is substituted while keeping the sweetness dose needed for the day. Nibble on your favourite biscuits without reservations or qualms. They are soft, releasing in the mouth a rich, velvety filling of praline with every bite. Let yourself go in this unforgettable taste experience through this classic combination of praline-filled biscuits. Good to go any time: at breakfast, with your tea or coffee, or even as a guilt-free snack. Make any time of the day a special one!
    In a beautiful gift box!

  • BIRTHDAY TREASURE BOX | Birthday Gift for Europe
    150 g Crunchy Crisps
    Tender milk chocolate treats will melt in your
    mouth after surpise rice crispy outer layer

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