Gift Box BIRTHDAY PARTY for delivery in Europe

BIRTHDAY PARTY | Gift Box for Celebrations

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What a cute Birthday Gift Box. The special treats are awesome!

If the Birthday celebration is overseas in Europe and you cannot be there, let us send this gift for you!

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What a Birthday Gift!! It is designed for Birthday celebrations, it will conquer their heart in a second. We do offer a nice range of additonal Birthday products if you think this gift hamper needs an extra. We have a Birthday Sash -29 4ever- or a cute Birthday balloon. Or a real nice treat, give her some jewelry with this one. We have colliers she will love.

  • BIRTHDAY PARTY | Gift Box for Celebrations
    Gift Box, creme
    Beautiful high quality gift box. Italian design with interesting surface
    340 x 180 x 95 mm

    Decoration as shown on picture.

  • 750 ml Contarini Valse Rosato Veneto Semi Sparkling I.G.T.
    This sparkling wine is perfect with snacks, and meals, or just as an aperitif. Its vivaciousness makes it an excellent accompaniment to a variety of different dishes without altering their flavour and balance.

    Alcohol- 11% Alk.
    Colour- Rose with bright and lively tones, fine and consistent perlage.
    Bouquet- Delicate and fruity.
    Flavour- Pleasantly acidic, with a scent typical of fruits of the forest.

    Fully sparkling wines, such as Champagne, are generally sold with 5 to 6 atmospheres of pressure in the bottle. This is nearly twice the pressure found in an automobile tire. European Union regulations define a sparkling wine as any wine with an excess of 3 atmospheres in pressure. These include German Sekt, Spanish Espumoso, Italian Spumante and French Cremant or Mousseux wines. Semi-sparkling wines are defined as those with between 1 and 2.5 atmospheres of pressures and include German Perlwein, Italian frizzante and French petillant wines. The amount of pressure in the wine is determined by the amount of sugar added during the tirage stage at the beginning of the secondary fermentation with more sugar producing increased amount of carbon dioxide gas and thus pressure in the wine.

  • BIRTHDAY PARTY | Gift Box for Celebrations
    150 g Amaretti Lemon, Italiy
    Soft Almond Amaretti biscuits from Italy with the finest fresh ingredients prepared according to original recipes with traditional methods and refined with lemon flavor. To obtain the soft structure they have been packed in a single premium paper. A masterpiece of the art of baking and a tribute to the tradition. Connoisseurs appreciate the authentic taste and meticulous workmanship.
    With espresso and a glass of water, tea or a glass of cherry liquer. Of course, these soft almond snacks can also be enjoyed in between.

  • BIRTHDAY PARTY | Gift Box for Celebrations
    100 g Bonbons Sucre dOrge
    colourful wrapped bonbons
    fruity and sweet

  • BIRTHDAY PARTY | Gift Box for Celebrations
    Birthday Candles
    Send Happy Birthday greetings with this lovely candle in a tin.

  • Birthday Napkins
    Paper napkins 33 x 33 cm,
    Birthday motive

  • Hankies
    lovely imprinted hankies

  • BIRTHDAY PARTY | Gift Box for Celebrations
    Happy Birthday Balloon
    Imprinted Happy Birthday Balloon
    Color to match the gift, or as in the picture above

Decorations are not part of delivery. Read the description for full details on content.