JÄGERMEISTER & AUSTRIAN DELI| select the occasion

JÄGERMEISTER & AUSTRIAN DELI| select the occasion

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Gourmet dishes such as ratatouille and deer chili from Austria handmade by Christöphl, a Jägermeister, tasty salami from South Tyrol/Italy and grissini.

Indulge someone with this great deli gift basket!

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JÄGERMEISTER & AUSTRIAN DELI, choose your occasion

  • JÄGERMEISTER & AUSTRIAN DELI| select the occasion
    Gift Box, black linnen optic
    Gift box, black inside and outside,
    structured linnen optic, length- 360 mm
    decorated as seen on the picture above

  • JÄGERMEISTER & AUSTRIAN DELI| select the occasion
    0,35 l Jägermeister
    Jägermeister is the most famous beverage export hit without question from Germany. The secret of this success is the unique character of Jägermeister. The secret Jägermeister recipe consists of 56 different natural ingredients, which are all controlled strictest quality. More than a year the Jägermeister elixir matures in oak barrels, which is continuously checked for perfection of the Master Distiller. Jägermeister is pure and natural taste, coupled with solid, strong character. 35% aclohol.

  • JÄGERMEISTER & AUSTRIAN DELI| select the occasion
    140 g Tuscan sausage
    In Italian it is also called Salamella Dolce, because of the cute appearance, which of course is not the only reason we we like this one so much, but because of its strong flavor that directly leady you to want more. Try it and you realize what we are raving about!

    The amount specified here describes the minimum amount. The salami is cut by hand and is therefore not exactly accurate. The pieces can be bigger.

  • JÄGERMEISTER & AUSTRIAN DELI| select the occasion
    320 g handmade Austrian Deer Chilli
    Juicy pieces of meat from the local stag enter into a fiery relationship with East Styrian bug beans.

    Just warm up - delicious with rice, pasta or potatoes or dark bread.

  • JÄGERMEISTER & AUSTRIAN DELI| select the occasion
    320 g vegetarian Ratatouille
    Originally from the southern French cuisine, this vegetable dish is also very popular with us in Austria. Fresh vegetables, fine spices and a lot of manual work.

    Just warm up - ready to enjoy!

  • JÄGERMEISTER & AUSTRIAN DELI| select the occasion
    125 g Piedmontese breadsticks Peperoncino
    Natural breadsticks with peperoncino. The breadsticks producers from Piedmont bakes the bread sticks with sesame according to a traditional recipe. Despite modern production process, the Grissini keep the characteristic and original flavor. The controlled ingredients guarantee the consistent quality of this product. They fit into cheese as well as to ham and salami specialties and can be served as a substitute for bread to soups and salads.

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