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Gift Baskets Europe

We send your gift baskets to France, Germany, the UK, Netherlands, Austria or Italy or any other EU country
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Gifts for Europe

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Gift Baskets to Europe

At times it is difficult when your family and friends are living abroad and you cannot see them. Especially for occasions like birthdays, weddings, new born babies or Christmas you can feel the dilemma. Our gifts and gift baskets are created to fit your needs so you can show them just how much you care.

Germany Gifts

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We send gifts to Germany. Click on

Gift Baskets Germany

for more details.

UK Hampers

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We send hampers to the UK. Click on

Hampers UK

for more details.

France Gifts

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We send gifts to France. Click on

Gift Baskets France

for more details.

Netherlands Gifts

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We send gifts to the Netherlands. Click on

Gift Baskets Netherlands

Denmark Gifts

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We send gifts to Denmark. Click on

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Why use Gift Baskets Europe?

Beautifully, culinary convincing and unbreakable throughout Europe? Our years of experience and exceptional commitment is in each of our hampers. Maybe it is best to let some of our customer speak for us. Read our customer reviews


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We understand that ordering with a company overseas might scare you a bit. But because we are located in Europe esp. in Germany we assure you that online store laws are under the strictest regulations you can find. Your order is absolutely safe with us. When you scroll down you can find all legal informations as well as the adress of our warehouse and our names.

Gift Baskets for Europe

We are a Europe based company with our warehouse in the beautiful South of Germany from where we send all our gifts. Deliveries to our neighbour countries France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland and Austria arrive your destination in 1-2 business days.

For more information about corporate gifting in Europe check out our page about

Corporate Gifts in Europe.

Sweden Gifts

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We send gifts to Sweden. Click on

Gift Baskets Sweden

for more details.

Austria Gifts

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We send gifts to Austria. Click on

Gift Baskets Austria

for more details.

Italy Gifts

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We send gifts to Italy. Click on

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for more details.

Belgium Gifts

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We send gifts Belgium. Click on

Gift Baskets Belgium

Spain Gifts

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We send gifts to Spain. Click on

Gift Baskets Spain

for more details.

Delivery Information

detailed information can be found in each product description at "shipping costs/time".

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Our standard shipper is UPS. You will be informed about the status of your order. Using your order account you will also be able to check the status of your delivery. Click on the map to get a full list of countries we deliver to.

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Baby Gifts for Europe

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Here's a little preview of what to expect when you order. You'll see ordering with us is very easy.

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